ImageKit makes it easier to insert in-cell images in Google Spreadsheets.  

In-cell image insertion in Google Spreadsheets can be difficult, but ImageKit saves you.

What you get:

  • direct image insertion without needing to use formulas

  • the ability to insert multiple images

  • the option of selecting images from your computer, Google Drive, Google Image Search or by using any image URL.



You don’t have to insert images one-by-one. Instead we enable you to insert multiple images at the same time. Efficiency achieved!

Pick image from multiple sources

No matter where your images are, you pick them easily.

We have an easy to use URL input box that you can use to insert several images at once.Don't know how to get the web image's URL address? Check this.

You may also pick images from you computer, your Google Drive, and Google Image Search.


smart URL

For certain, popular websites and their image pages, you don't need take time looking for image URLs- Just use that page URL directly.

This could be super convenient for some web based screenshot services, such as Cloudapp, Droplr and Lightshot. They automatically copy the image PAGE URL to your clipboard, and the only thing you have to do is to paste that URL into ImageKit. ImageKit can then find and insert the correct image.

Please find this screenshot video showing you how ImageKit works with Cloudapp.

Please find below the supported smart URLs, and please note that only an image's page's URL can be used as a smart URL.

Tell us what other websites you want smart URLs to handle by commenting here on our Trello board.

Image 2018-03-22 at 9.35.34 PM.png

personalized layout

It was not easy to arrange multiple images’ layout order in Spreadsheet, but now you can configure the output layout and images will appear in the order that you want them to.
The add-on will remind you about the layout once you select multiple images to insert.




  • For most websites, right click with your mouse on the image, then click COPY IMAGE ADDRESS.
  • On some sites, your right mouse click menu doesn't show COPY IMAGE ADDRESS. If this happens, you can click INSPECT and then find the image URL in the browser's developer tool's elements, select it and copy (Ctrl + C).
  • If your right click menu is blocked by website and cannot show, you can install a Chrome extension called RightToCopy [link] to help show your right click menu.

+ Where are my images saved? Are they private or publicly accessible?


+ I love ImageKit. How can I help?

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